I have just realised that I didn’t share anything here since April! Wow! The year 2017 was so dynamic that my lack of writing here at my writer’s home doesn’t come as a surprise. The year was highly dynamic, energetic, challenging in many areas of my life. First and foremost, 2017 was a “break-through-year” in different ways. This year brought me much closer to live my soul’s highest path and purpose, not only in theory but also in practical terms. Additionally, regarding my personal growth and development efforts over the last couple of years, 2017 taught me how to shift from a “learning only mode” into an “implementing and learning mode.” Furthermore, you will see in a minute that I did a lot of writing, just not here…

There are four main areas that determined my 2017 experiences: learning from and growing with my cats, my talent for working with the Akashic records and my talent for energetic healing work that I could transfer from learning to doing, my passion for peaceful soul food, writing a book, and writing another book… you see that a lot of things were going on.

Learning about life and death from my cats

The most profound, hardest, challenging and heart-wrenching experience was the death of my cat Max, 14, early in January 2017 and the complicated ear surgery, my other cat Flix, 17, had to undergo at the same time. When Flix returned home from the vets, both cats had only 24 hours before Max passed away. On his own. With Flix and myself at his side. How he wanted to pass away. The first quarter of 2017 was centred around Flix, helping this lovely senior boy so that he could help himself to get back to a certain level of vitality. He had to relearn many things, and he did. He was patient, focused, and always grateful regarding what he could do, and enjoyed when I praised, motivated and rewarded him. He never complained about things he couldn’t do anymore. Flix, what an inspiration, what a role model, teaching humans how to recover with grace. This journey showed me a ton of patience, focus, gratitude, and the enormous changes, unconditional love and extraordinary care can do for another living being. I have written in great detail about this experience here.

There are three aspects I’d like to add as they happened after I shared the story back in April:

  • One is about Flix and the way cats operate: In May, he could climb for the first time into his cat cave on the first level of his cat tree. And in June, he got a special cat tree for senior cats.  They offer more space on each level for the seniors to rest, and additional steps for them to get with ease on each level for those with arthritis or other issues. Perfect for Flix who still had to navigate his lopsided world. From now on, he used to enjoy his treats on the new cat tree! In fact, he requested new treats all the time to find a reason to jump on his new cat tree! Smart boy, no doubt! While he was a happy senior cat, he could imagine having a feline friend again, to interact with another cat. However, he made it clear in an animal communication that the new cat had to be an extraordinary soul that wouldn’t misuse his physical situation, his vestibular syndrome at all. OK, that was an explicit instruction.
  • The second aspect I’d like to add is about animal communication:
    Also in May, I learned in part three of my animal communication training how to communicate with animals that have already crossed the rainbow bridge. It was an amazing experience that five months after Max’ death I could communicate with him. He enjoyed to be a pure soul, he said that he would still be with me, and our special task wouldn’t be completed. He was proud of Flix how he managed to get back to health. And, he would send us another cat, in divine right timing… I should trust the process.
  • The third aspect is about the new cat:
    Howy showed up in July. For whatever reason, I changed Flix’ vet appointment from a Friday to a Wednesday. Now, I know why. Because Howy also had a vet appointment on that very Wednesday. So, I met his temporary humans from a local animal shelter in the cat waiting room of the animal hospital.

Long story short, I used my newly learned skills and asked Max about Howy. Yes, he is the one he had in mind. He said “he needs you; he has no other chance. And he is a very gentle soul; good for Flix.”

Howy, 16, moved in on July 31 with some “baggage,” I was aware of in the beginning. He was traumatised because the fire brigade rescued him due to the death of his human, and he suffered from a triaditis, “a syndrome in which cats suffer from concurrent pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and cholangitis.”

He moved in with 2.6 kg, totally underweight, and a medication and food plan. Five weeks later, we experienced an urgent crisis with not eating, not drinking anything for more than 24 hours. I have taken him to the vets where he stayed for three days. He came back in much better condition, the continuous infusions and the changed medication helped a lot. I got a new therapy plan for him which we strictly followed. He gained weight; about 200 grams in the next three weeks. In October, I added a medicinal mushroom to his diet to boost his pancreatitis. And guess what, when we had the following vet appointment in December, Mr Howy was at 3.7 kg. Now, he looked like a healthy senior cat! And I did a lot of additional work with him, as you will learn in a minute.

Processing Max’ death: writing the soul cats’ story

This is one area of writing I have spent a lot of time on during this year. Max, himself, has tasked me with writing the soul cat book. A few weeks before his death, he jumped on the small table in the living room. Something he never did before. There was a particular book on the table, a book called “soul dogs,” I had read a few days before. He put himself on exactly this book and looked at me in this special Max way that said “did you get it? Write our book!”

Ok, who would not follow Sir Max’ instructions? I had a clear task, writing the soul cat story of Max and Flix’ adoption, their life in their forever home up to Max’ death and Flix’ recovery. In the first weeks after Max’ death, I was guided a lot to write about my amazing feline friends. The book is not yet finished. It needs some additional work; as I know from writing, the detailed work to align chapters to each other, to adjust here and there to let it flow better, etc. takes an awful lot of time. In 2018, I have to make these final steps and get the book out of the door!

Finishing my spiritual leadership program and taking action

As you may remember, I have written about spiritual leadership a while ago, here to be precise. My four-module-program I attended in Scotland, ended in March 2017. The last week focused on how to implement what we have learned in whatever way we wanted to manifest our visions.

For me, the process of getting clarity what it is I want to focus on in the future was iterative as always. It started with one symbol and one idea called “Pecae4You” which came already up in 2016. This overarching concept can have many different facets, and as you can imagine, I started out with way too many different facets. Not doable. Distracting. And not easy to understand for others. So, I reshaped the concept of “Peace4You” based on the areas I can play with my most significant gifts and talents: One is my work with energy and intuition, doing the work of an energetic healer.  Two is my passion for the idea that the body is the temple of our souls and should be nourished accordingly, peaceful, without any animal suffering involved.

So, lot’s of learning and implementation went into these ideas: I was certified as a soul realignment practitioner in May, I became an advanced practitioner a few months later, and I learned how to process auric clearing and karma clearing for humans and animals. Of course, I also worked with Flix and Howy to clear their auric fields, with amazing results regarding Flix’ fear and Howy’s trauma release. The big difference in 2017 was that I made a choice not to add more courses, but to focus on implementation instead. So, I started out with a Facebook page to launch my “Peace4You | Empower Your Soul” services. And, I attracted the first clients, and I started to receive amazing feedback from the beautiful souls I had the pleasure to with.

And more writing … enjoying my corporate job as an analyst

Almost everything changed during 2017, certain areas of my work, reinventing our annual study on sales enablement I am responsible for, talking about our findings led to a lot of travelling especially in the second half of the year. I was for the first time in South America, back for a few days, and again off to Dallas and a few smaller trips within Europe.

And, that’s why I mention it here, the second area of intensive writing was here. My CEO and I have co-authored a comprehensive book on sales enablement; the final manuscript was delivered to the publisher just a few days ago, and it will be available in May 2018.

On the last day of the year, reviewing this incredible rich year, I’m happy, grateful and confident. My heart is full of love, and I feel lots of inner peace. I feel comfortable being vulnerable. Finally. It’s a part of my gifts.

I follow my journey, I do the work, and I made necessary steps to follow my soul’s highest path and purpose. Was it always easy? Not at all. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I’m “on it” and I’m looking very much forward to the experiences I envision to make in 2018.

Welcome, 2018!
My manifestations are done! 

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