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The birthplace of this website is Lendrick Lodge, my soul’s home. Since this birthplace in 2012, I write here about the nuggets of wisdom I learn on my journey. And some of these stories are inspired by things I experience at Lendrick Lodge. Today’s story joins the dots: wisdom I learned elsewhere (animal communication) and a shamanic experience I made at Lendrick Lodge.

Prince’s last weeks and days

Prince, a friend’s nine-year-old cat, passed away mid of January. At a veterinary hospital. His last few weeks were very challenging for both, Prince and his human. A suspicious spot on his belly evolved into an open wound that didn’t heal appropriately over weeks. An operation was needed. The entire area should be removed because the vets assumed cancer. Unfortunately, it was cancer, and the tumour was already much bigger under the skin as initially expected from the outside. So, Prince had a pretty big cut on his belly. And a terrible prognosis.

He had only one night at home. The next morning, he wasn’t well at all. Cori brought him back to the veterinary hospital. Everything was done what could potentially be done to save his life including intensive care and reanimation. However, his anaemia, heart condition and the cancer were, apparently, too much for him. Prince passed away the following night, only nine years old. His soul chose to end this lifetime and to move on.

His sudden death caused Prince’s human Cori to process a lot of stuff. She found herself in a terrible situation, from one moment to the other. Was it the right thing to get the operation done? Was it the right choice to bring him back to the veterinary hospital as he wasn’t doing well at all the next morning. What exactly caused his death? Why did it happen so fast, that she couldn’t be with him when he passed away? The most pain was caused by the fact that there wasn’t a proper “saying goodbye” moment. Nothing.

Talking to the soul of animals that have passed away

“Let me talk to him. I’d love to do this for you!” That’s what I said to Cori. I would give him three to four weeks to ensure that he properly transitioned to the other world. That’s how I learned the process of talking to animals that have passed away.

The third week after Prince’s death began. And every day during that week didn’t feel right for a chat with him. On Friday, I travelled to Scotland, for a Shamanic weekend at Lendrick Lodge. Death and Dying was the theme of the course. Saturday evening, after one and a half days of amazing shamanic journeys that helped us to connect with our spirit animal to explore different questions regarding the circles of life and death, I tried to connect with Prince’s soul. I could. But he wasn’t in a good place. Not at all. OK, I should probably give him another week.

Joining the dots in Scotland

Next morning, we had another shamanic journey. We should again connect to our spirit animal and explore together which soul would require assistance to transition to the other world properly. So far, a buffalo always showed up as my spirit animal. This time, it was Max, my soul cat, who showed up.

Wow!!! I was deeply touched. And incredibly happy as always when I have a chance to connect with Max. I do it quite frequently, every other month or so, just because I miss him so much or because I want to have his guidance and perspective on challenges I’m facing. Because he is always very clear, concise and spot-on with his guidance.

Max immediately said: “Prince needs help to transition, he is stuck in the tunnel.” OK, got it. So, what are we doing? “We clear the blockages and help him to go through the tunnel, and I will be waiting here for him,” said Max. My Max, my beloved soul cat. There are no words to describe the bond Max and I share. We only had two years and four days together. When he passed away, on his terms, as he wished to cross the rainbow bridge, he said: “I’m still with you. We still have a way to go together.”

So, we used this shamanic journey to quickly connect to Prince, to reassure him and to use the fantastic level of energy of this shamanic journey to help him to complete his transition. After a while, I got Max’ feedback that Prince has arrived on the other side. Safe and sound. Wow… what a shamanic journey! The most intensive one I ever had. I was moved to tears. So happy.

Only the universe can orchestrate those happenings. Only the soul world knows which souls have to collaborate to ensure good outcomes for other souls that struggle. I was travelling home filled with gratitude, joy, and love, knowing that I was following my highest path and purpose.

The week after, I could easily connect with Prince to see how he was doing. I was sure that Max successfully processed an onboarding program with Prince right after his arrival.

“At the end, you can only let things go, in love,” said Prince.

Prince, his soul to be precise, was finally in perfect shape. His sudden death came too fast. He also suffered that he couldn’t say good-bye. He said that his body wasn’t able to cope with the various diseases any longer. Then, his soul suggested that it was time to move on. As it happened so quickly, he also suffered from not being able to say goodbye to his human. He loves Cori very much, that’s what I should tell her. And that he had an amazing time with her, with lots of love and care. And he would be there quite often, “I can get wherever I want very quickly!” And yes, she should please adopt another cat that needs help; and she should build more trust and get rid of remaining doubts. “At the end, you can only let things go, in love,” Prince said, “and even I had my challenges to do so!” Spot-on, Prince!

What a beautiful soul, thanks so much, Prince. So glad that Max and I could help you to successfully transition to the other world and to share your feedback with your human. All involved souls are at peace and can move on.

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