“But each of us must find out for himself or herself what their gift is, so that they can use it in their life.”
–Jimmy Jackson, OJIBWAY

The elders say, “everyone has a song to sing”. This song is the reason why we are on this earth at this time. It’s given to us and it’s unique. It’s our gift, we should use and we should share.

The biggest challenge we have, is to find our song. It doesn’t happen without challenges and often not without pain. And it’s always a journey to get there. Sometimes, life gives us challenges that cause a lot of trouble and pain for us, a lot of darkness in many cases. Those challenges force us to get out of our comfort zones – which is necessary to find our song.  But darkness cannot exist without light – over time. Trust the process! As soon as we feel the light again, we are a bit closer to our song. Sometimes, those triggers help us to find our song from one second to another. Sometimes, we find our song in a more systematic way.

Anyway, however we will find our song, how long it will take – our comfort zone will change and our safety zone will change as well.

Having your song in mind, you will never think about “OMG, I’m flying too high…” The opposite will be the case: You will only think about “How high can I fly?”

Our unique song will open our hearts, it will lead us to true happiness. Happiness comes from within, the key to happiness is in our heart, it’s closely related to our song, to our gift: As soon as we are aware of our song, of our gift, we will find our passion and we will integrate our passion, our gift in our work. We will stop thinking about a job, we will only think about our work, our passion, our art.

Our song is what we need to create our art, to lead with our passion and to transform with our hearts.


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