Yesterday, we celebrated New Year’s Eve. 2012 ended. 2013 has already begun. Some of you might have also celebrated December 21st, when „three important cycles in the Mayan culture ended“, as my spiritual master Peggy Dylan said, „…this can help us all end aspects of our personal cycle which are needing to be dissolved… The past is over, whatever it was, it is over.“ As these cycles are finished, „the patterns established by that are now dissolving.“

Those of you who know me in person, might be aware that my spiritual roots are far away from the religious traditions where I was born and where I’m living. I always loved the idea, that the universe gave us spirituality, for all living beings. But then, mankind came up with religions, which is something that’s actually separating people from people.
Not my way…

The Native American tradition represents some of my deepest spiritual roots. What I really love is their purity, clarity and amazing balance regarding all living beings, the balance between mother Earth and father Sky, their huge wisdom on the complexity of life, their brilliancy to explain the wisdom from their Elders in simple terms. Along my spiritual journey, Native American rituals were always very touching and healing, very strong and challenging, very transforming and heart-and-eye-opening for me. These rituals taught me to use my inner guidance system, my intuition and to trust the voice of my heart and to balance between different life forces. The matter of the fact is, that those teachings are experienced and processed emotionally, with the heart. They cannot be learned scientifically, mind-driven – that’s a huge difference. Sometimes, experiences you cannot really describe with words have the most impact on your life, right? I’m more than deeply grateful for each one of these experiences – they determined my journey, my path of life.

Let’s have a look at the term „path of life“, at this Elder’s meditation from Lame Deer, Lakota:

He [The Great Spirit] only sketches out the path of life roughly for all the creatures on earth, shows them where to go, where to arrive, but leaves them to find their own way to get there. He wants them to act independently according to their nature, to the urges of each of them.“

–Lame Deer, LAKOTA

I love this idea of a “roughly sketched out” path of life! It’s based on the idea that each person has a certain purpose at this time on Earth. All that is written in our hearts (this is where the term „heart’s desire“ comes from), we are apparently already born with that purpose. We are gifted with even more: The universe gave us a guidance system called intuition, inner feeling, knowing, quiet voice of our heart. The biggest challenge for us is to listen to our guidance system and to understand it – these are different things…

The core of what we are looking for is already within us, it’s in our heart (see also my recent blog post). We „only“ have to find it, to listen, to hear, to look inwards in our heart, in our soul. Easier said than done. I won’t write about the „how“ to get there today, that’s a topic for another blog post. You might have a look at my recent blog post “Sand Hearts – Play, Create and Transform!“. Playing, addressing the right brain and especially the heart rather than the mind will help…

Once we found our purpose, the universe will give us skills, talents and abilities, that are unique to only ourselves – to fulfill our purpose based on our direction. We grow along our path of life. That’s what people experience when they say „suddenly, the universe conspired“. It happens, when they are totally clear, strong and pure regarding their path of life, their mission and their purpose. Suddenly, investors trust their projects, they meet people who help them with ideas and other people and resources. That doesn’t mean, that from now on everything will be easy. You will be challenged again, often even more – to make the best out of you!

Our journeys and paths of life are never linear. Actually, they look more like waves of ups and downs. But the level from where the next up or down begins, that’s normally higher than the level before. No mistakes, only lessons…And we get the lessons until we learn them.

It was a challenging but also amazing process of ups and downs to come to my own clarity on my purpose on Earth right now in these exciting times: The summary is this:
„I’m a gate keeper to bridge between assumed different worlds, to drive transformation to master this century’s “big shift”. More on my page!
Back to my introduction regarding the meaning of December 21st, 2012:
As we are living and developing our own paths of life to follow our heart’s desire – the cycle, the age, we are living in, is – of course – affecting our individual cycles. As such a major cycle ended a few days ago, shouldn’t we take the opportunity to liberate ourselves from own patterns, behaviors, thoughts that where closely connected to our past, as to the cycle’s past?

We all have patterns and behaviors, based on our experiences, belief systems and the culture and societies we are living in. Couldn’t it be valuable for us to take some time to revisit a few situations from the past, which were really important and meaningful and are maybe still relevant for us.
Let’s think about the way we maybe „reacted“ more than we „acted“, let’s think about moments when somebody made us suffering or we made another person suffering. Let’s ask:
How much did our current patterns and behaviors influence this situation? Maybe patterns and behaviors we already know that they don’t serve us anymore? How much could our real heart’s desire, our soul impact the situation? Did the situation really influence the truth of our soul, our heart’s desire? How many limiting beliefs dominated the situation instead?

You get the picture… It can be very valuable to check what really happened in the past and why – and to decide, what you want to change, your patterns, your behaviors, your way to balance mind and heart’s desire and how. If you can, get feedback from another person with another perspective, another view point to be able to work in your right direction.

Affirmations to change what you want to change can be a very helpful and powerful tool!
Writing as well…

Honestly, writing became for me an amazing creative activity which is feeding my soul. Like creating dark chocolate truffles, or cooking for friends, or going to a farmers’ market…
Just before I start to tackle the next challenges along my journey as a gate keeper between assumed different worlds!

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