“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”
― Alan Wilson Watts

“Realize it is play” – let’s think about that for a moment. Let’s become aware that all our actions are a play. A play, a game is defined by principles and by rules, as any sport. Principles could be for instance fairness and appropriateness. Rules define what it takes to win, what winning means and how winning looks like. Principles are the foundation of rules. If principles are not respected, there are rules that make you follow those principles next time.

One of the basic characteristics of a play is, that we don’t know the result beforehand. We don’t know who will win and who will lose this time. Our curiosity, our enchantment only remains alive, if we keep this level of uncertainty. Imagine you would know the results in the beginning. That wouldn’t be a play, it would be a boring happening instead. Knowing the results in advance leads to stagnation, to situations without any potential to learn and to grow.

Both, winning and losing are essential parts of our plays in life, of our personal learning and development process. Winning and losing is what shapes our own journey, sometimes it pushes us directly on the next plateau, sometimes we need to take another loop to get there. No right or wrong, it’s just our unique journey.

Winning is a confirmation of our actions. Losing are our stimuli to learn, to unlearn, to relearn and to grow. Losing also incorporates a great potential to reinforce and to push our own creativity to the next level. Consequently, winning and losing are equally important. Seriously, both are equally important.
Based on this view point, we are always winning. We can win the play, or – if we lose the play – we gain experience and we can leverage our own potential.

The only way to lose is not to act at all. To avoid an action, because one is driven by fear, because one doesn’t want to make a mistake and one doesn’t want to take a risk. That’s the best way to make the biggest mistake ever: Not to act at all.

Inhale these ideas with every breath you take. You will lose fear as your permanent companion. Instead, your mindset will change over time to wisdom, ease and inner peace. That’s your foundation to inner happiness, to act in a positive way, driven by curiosity and courage, driven by the willpower to learn and to grow. Fear won’t stop you any longer.

  • Keep your playfulness
  • Keep learning, unlearning and relearning
  • Boost your own creativity
  • Integrate that in your leadership style and transform your world to a more compassionate place.


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