Knowledge, love and truth – powerful and important areas in everybody’s life that ideally complement each other. But what does it mean to you? Now, at this point in your life? Which area is currently in the center of your life, and why?

Giving some thought to these three elements and their current relevance in your life is a worthwhile and powerful exercise. This process has its roots in a core shamanic principle – pushing the individual to find their own journey. I was blessed to spend some time on this question a few weeks ago, attending a shamanic course. It’s an ideal exercise when you review or when you create your vision. Gaining clarity on the “knowledge – love – truth” question allows you to sharpen your vision and to adjust its manifestation.


“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There are two areas of knowledge, explicit and implicit knowledge. Explicit knowledge is something you can read and acquire, in theory. You can read about swimming, how to make the right movements in a certain sequence. That’s explicit knowledge. But it doesn’t make you a swimmer. If you want to learn how to swim, you have to be in the water. It’s the same with cooking, selling, painting or writing. You can read and learn a lot in theory, but you need training and practice in the real world. This “how to” knowledge is implicit knowledge.

For me, it was important to reflect how I acquired knowledge so far. Looking at the last couple of years, I made a few great leaps forward in acquiring knowledge in both areas – explicit and implicit knowledge. Often in iterations and from a different perspective to get to the next level. In my profession, I experienced a lot of new things while driving a new topic to a certain level of maturity and strategic impact – sales enablement. It was a combination and ongoing iteration between acquiring explicit and implicit knowledge. Often I tried new things and learned later how that really worked. In other situations, I acquired the explicit knowledge before applying it. The same happened along my spiritual journey. Working on both knowledge areas, often in iterations allows you to achieve your next level.

Knowledge – is it the leading element right now for me? It was for many years. Now, it’s a supporting element.


Remember, love is born with you; it is your intrinsic quality.
All that is needed is to give it a way – to make a passage for it,
to let it flow, to allow it to happen.
— Osho

 Love, still a mystery to many people, often considered as an emotion that’s closely related to affection, attraction, attachment, relationship and ownership. I learned completely different things over the last couple of years. I found myself in situations that disrupted everything I thought I would know about love. I had to question everything; my thinking, my emotions, my actions and reactions, my values, principles, and beliefs. The whole nine yards. My journey challenged me in a way that I had to leave old belief systems behind to establish my newly discovered values and principles. To be correct; these old belief systems were never mine. I simply adopted them while growing up without questioning.

You may want to check out A Couple of Thoughts about Love. The summary is this one: Let’s understand that love is an intrinsic quality of your heart. It has much more to do with you than with any other person. Discover that love is a state of being. It’s within all of us. We are born with love in our hearts, not with hatred. And let’s never forget that love requires freedom. Love without freedom is not love. It’s a prison, for yourself and others.

Love – is it the leading element right now for me? Love was my key driving force for the last couple of years. It was a cycle I had to go through to learn what I had to learn. Now, my love is a beautiful foundation for my vision and my journey.


“Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time.
If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind.
Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Truth, what is it? Speaking your truth – what would you say? Truth is the quality or state of being true, says Oxford-Dictionaries.
What’s the purpose of your life, what’s your calling? Often, your life purpose doesn’t show up in a gentle way. The opposite is the case, and the purpose comes to you in a crisis to guide you in a new direction, to push you to find your journey. In my case, I discovered my life purpose at the end of the most challenging year I ever had. It was the year after the death of my brother. In addition to that, life had thrown me into challenging situations that forced me to question almost everything in several areas of my life at the same time. My emotional state was feeling disconnected and disrupted. Then, my purpose showed up, in a ceremony I attended last-minute because my inner voice told me to do exactly that. Gatekeeper, connecting the dots between assumed different worlds, between the spiritual world and the business world, is the purpose of my life. Suddenly, it was crystal-clear, and it made total sense. Embracing my purpose was the next step. Since then, I changed a lot in my life, and I strongly focused my energy on my purpose. Consequently, I stopped wasting my energy and my time on issues, topics, and people that don’t support my journey and that don’t serve my life purpose. Changes touched almost all areas of my life, such as my profession, my spiritual journey and how to better connect the both; my values, principles, and beliefs. My purpose was one of the reasons why I published the SandHearts eBook Life Principles last year. It was, and it is a manifestation of my principles, the foundation of my journey and my truth.

Truth, that’s currently my driving force in my life, gently surrounded and supported by knowledge and love.

What’s your current focus, your driving force?

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