2016-09-06-max“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”
― Charles Dickens

In January, I wrote about Max and Flix, the two tomcats who changed my life fundamentally. I shared some stories about their first year in their forever home. Both came with some luggage from their previous lives: Max, 13, had a chronical kidney disease (CKD or CRF) in his luggage, and Flix, 16, came with lots of fear, a lack of self-confidence, and a tendency to vomit whenever something changed in his environment.

Now, ten months later, I have a lot to share! We had to go through some challenges regarding healing body and soul. Let’s begin with Max’ story today.

Max’ kidney disease impacted his teeth and the other way around

End of last year, we had a stable situation regarding his kidney disease. The kidney values were pretty high, but luckily, he was feeling much better and had almost none of the usual symptoms of a stage 3 CKD cat. Our vet recommended based on the results of his quarterly kidney check in December to remove most of his upper molars within the next few months. Not only to help him with the bad teeth but also to eliminate any inflammation in his body that is continually impacting his kidneys in a negative way.

So, the decision to do so was made in April. I have involved my peers, my CKD support group, how to prepare Max in the best possible way for his upcoming second tooth surgery within nine months. Max got, in addition to his renal diet, an adjusted therapy plan with a healing mushroom and slightly changed homoeopathic remedies for his kidneys.

Max mastered his second tooth surgery in May

It’s always heartbreaking if you have to bring your cat to the animal hospital, knowing that the cat already hates this day and that it won’t get any better for a couple of days. As I’m doing a lot of energy work myself, I know exactly the impact negative energy can have on every living being. So, it was even more important for me as Max’ human to keep the energy positive, loving and caring, focused on the best possible outcome for him. He knew what would happen. And why. Animals are intelligent beings, and if you can communicate with them on a soul level, they do understand even if their behaviour doesn’t show you that they do.

At the animal hospital, I was waiting for the veterinary dentist with him, who already made his first surgery. I hugged him again and promised him that I would take him home the same day. Then, I went back. Like last time, I couldn’t do anything useful until they called me in the afternoon and reassured me that he was doing fine, just without all his upper molars. The x-ray was worse than expected. The severe impact of his CKD also surprised the veterinary dentist. So, she removed all the upper molars. Then he got additional infusions for a few hours after the surgery to get the anaesthesia out of his kidneys as fast as possible.

On the way back home, he was constantly talking to me, questioning the whole day. “Human, what did you think?” “I remember you told me something about my health, but right now, my mouth hurts a lot.” He can be very bossy with this behaviour… It’s his way to release stress, articulating things immediately. At home, most of the stress was already gone. I love this boy…

Back home he has eaten a full portion and demanded more. Back home he has eaten a full portion and demanded more. Sir Max is a very special soul. Like last time, he got 24/7 care. And like last time, he only needed painkillers for three days. As it was end of May and sunny, he decided to spend many hours on the balcony or the loggia on his garden chair, recovering from the past-surgery pain.  Inhale. Exhale.

My happiness was simply to see him recovering and enjoying his life again; knowing that the decision was the right one.

The summer came, and Max continued to enjoy his life in his forever home. He had so much fun to be in the sun, then in the shadow, and back into the sun, it was pure happiness to see him happy. Why couldn’t it continue like this? But, apparently, there was more that need to be healed in his little body.

Our next challenge began with an ear infection

End of August, Max developed an ear infection in his left ear. I was for a week in Scotland, when it happened. The whole day I had pain in my left ear, not knowing what was going on. Until I heard in the evening from Michael that he had to take Max to the vet because of an ear infection. My ear pain stopped immediately, and I focused my energy on him.

His left ear was always the one he had a scratch on more often than on the right ear. But no vet could ever find something else than “oh, there is a lot of cerumen in this ear.” Now, the cerumen was black, and it smelled, and the ear canal was swollen. He got some medication and should check the ear after two weeks.

Knowing that kidneys and ears are energetically connected to each other, I didn’t have a good feeling. Max was relaxing a lot more than he usually would do. When I look at the photographs I have taken from him during these weeks; he was always tired, curled up somewhere, and very calm. And this is not Max, who is usually a pretty bossy and active tomcat. I asked our animal communicator who had already successfully worked with both cats during their first year to make a healing journey with him.

Animal communication works…

A few days later in the morning, when he came in my bed, there was a lot of blood in his ear and around his ear. Oh no… Interestingly he was on a much higher energetic level. I called the animal hospital and explained the situation. Emergency today at any time or appointment the next day with an ENT vet. I decided for the latter. Then, my animal communicator shared with me how the healing journey went: She was virtually travelling with him the night before his ear was full of blood. During the session, she was focused on removing blockages and strengthen his connectedness. And the image she got at the end of her session with him, was that a plug came out of his ear like a cork.

Wow, that’s why his ear was full of blood! Apparently, the healing journey helped him to get rid of things that no longer served him. And the blood in the ear was a physical symptom of this process. Good!

A not so nice suspicion…

The vets were irritated about the blood in his ear because they couldn’t determine where the blood came from. They assumed that there could be a tumour in the ear canal, maybe the root cause of the so-called ear infection. And therefore, a computer tomography (CT) was needed.

Oh no… my poor Max! Another anaesthesia, and another day in the animal hospital and he would again need infusions a few hours before and after the CT. I discussed the situation with Max’ regular vet, and after evaluating his current blood results and his kidney ultrasound (stable, but still high kidney results) we decided to schedule the CT as soon as possible, and a follow-up surgery in case they would really find a tumour during the CT.

Just a few days to prepare Max as best as possible for his third anaesthesia within 12 months as a CKD patient. He got all his natural kidney boosters to strengthen his kidneys as best as possible. And he got, even more, love and attention, and lots of soul preparation. And I made a manifestation for the best possible outcome for him.

Another day in the animal hospital for a CT and an ear surgery

The next Monday I brought him to the animal hospital. While we were waiting for our vet, I was singing a song for him, while he was sitting in my arms. It was such a beautiful moment, full of love. He was kind of calm and content. And I already knew at this time that there wouldn’t only be a CT today, but also another surgery. I went home and tried to work. At the date of the CT, I made an “Om Mani Padme Hum” meditation together with Flix. Whenever I do this, he is joining me. This time, he knew that we were doing this for Max.

When the phone rang, and I picked up, the vet told me that there was a tumour in his ear canal that had to be removed. So, they made the surgery right away. I was waiting for their call for the next three hours (don’t make my mistake, always ask how long the operation would normally take!). Then, the known number on my phone’s display: “Max is doing fine, he is waking up right now.”

Woohoo 🙂  Inhale. Exhale.
It took a load off my mind…
I was crying as so much stress had been released. Then I had to drum for a while…
Max made it. Again. What a hero!

He had to stay in the hospital for one night. Luckily, I already followed my intuition in the morning and put his favourite cat blanket for him in the cat carrier.

A difficult night, not only for Max who was keeping the staff in the hospital busy but also for me and Flix, his beautiful cat friend. He is always very nervous when something is happening with Max. He is afraid of losing his friend and protector Max. So we have taken care of each other.

Taking Max home 🙂

I cannot even describe my deep inner happiness when I could take him home! He wasn’t debating a lot on the way home, as he normally does. He was calm and looked at me, very often. For me, this was a sign that things were already much better for him than before the surgery.

We have found ourselves back in the well-known 24/7 “after-surgery” routine. This time with painkillers every 8 hours, eye drops for the left eye every 2-3 hours, and antibiotics twice a day, on top of his kidney medications. A side effect of the ear surgery was that his left eye was impacted, due to some disconnected nerves. His eye looked in another direction, and it was deeper in the eyehole. It’s called Horner syndrome. My vet explained it to me and that it would take 4-6 weeks until the eye would completely recover. She also prepared me in advance how Max would look after the surgery…

Sir Max, what a character! Strong, determined, focused, and always present to the present

20161007-maxI can only learn from him and his physical and mental strength. He was doing pretty well, always pretending that everything was OK even if it wasn’t. But that’s Max. He simply refuses that anybody or anything could ever ruin his day. Now, three weeks after the surgery, he is again a talking cat, a bossy cat, a very determined cat, enjoying every moment of his life. And he is again taking care of his highly vulnerable friend Flix.

After two weeks, the stitches have been taken out. And we could remove the cone which he had to wear to avoid that he could hurt his scar. What a happy day for Max! He was so incredibly brave regarding the cone. It seemed that he knew that he needed it. He only tried once in the second week to get rid of it which is entirely understandable. Now, the scar looks really great. And his left eye is almost fine.

Finally, we have defeated Max’ ear cancer

We got the result a few days later. It was cancer. But the vets confirmed that the tumour was removed completely. And the tissue surrounding the tumour is healthy.

And you know what? Max’ kidney results, especially his creatinine, decreased significantly!
What a journey, via an ear cancer, to get an even better prognosis regarding his CKD…

All’s well that ends well.

Stay tuned! Next time we will talk about the bigger picture of this story, and what we can actually learn from it…

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