Many people create New Year resolutions. But most of these resolutions don’t even last until the end of January. Why is that so? Is it only a game, a not well-reflected habit? In my experience, the short half-life of New year resolutions happens when the ideas are only based on an ”I should do this and stop doing that…” manner. A short half-life also happens if these ideas are only goals that don’t reflect what and who you are and where you want to go.
Furthermore, resolutions that are not processed and manifested in a holistic way that includes body, mind and soul have a huge potential to fail.

Using precious time wisely

I know this problem. That’s why I changed my Year End and New Year’s Eve approach a few years ago. Attending a dinner party and talking about meaningless stuff, playing with New Year commitments, knowing that it’s primarily a game to kill time – that became a pure waste of time for me. I want to use my time in a more valuable way. When one year ends, and a new one is fast approaching; that’s a very precious time. This time should be used for yourself to connect deeply with who and what you are, where you are right now and where you want to go. It’s also a time to make peace with what has happened and to start a new adventure, a new year. That’s why I changed my Hogmanay habits, the first time in 2011.

Enjoying the beauty and magic of Shamanism

For me, there is no better place than being at Lendrick Lodge in Scotland, enjoying a few days full of shamanism to connect with the spirits (nature, universe – you name it) within a circle of like-minded people to recap the past, to work in a body, mind and soul based way to create a New Year vision and resolution, my road map for 2015. Digging into the unknown beauty and healing power of Shamanism – this year it was about fire and water – is a priceless gift, especially if the course is led by one of the best, most passionate and experienced Shaman teachers of our time, Stephen Mulhearn.

Manifesting a heart-based New Year resolution 

The process of creating a New Year resolution is just the beginning. It’s where most people stop. But to stick to it, your resolution has to be manifested, ideally at a place where you feel a special energy, where you feel deeply connected to yourself, to Mother Earth and Father Sky. It has to become a heart-based commitment to yourself, with body, mind and soul on the same page. Lendrick Lodge is such a place, “my” favorite place, with lots of spiritual energy, wild and rough nature, and with a circle of ancient standing stones. So far, this circle didn’t have a center stone. That’s something our Shamanic Hogmanay group changed this year, when we placed the “stone of utterance” exactly in the middle of the circle. The ritual of placing this stone of utterance in the center of the circle, led by Stephen Mulhearn, was deep and pure, beautiful and touching. Within moments, the energy in the circle changed, became even more intense and uplifting. The perfect place for every single one of our group, to manifest our resolution to the world, to the spirits.

Here is mine – declared December 31, 2014 at Lendrick Lodge, Scotland, standing on the stone of utterance. It’s based on my overall vision here.

I’m a gatekeeper. I’m bridging between the spiritual world and the so called “normal” world and business world that are out of balance.

My goal is to inspire people to drive change in their lives towards compassion, consciousness, collaboration, inner peace and happiness to change the current state of the world. 

Change begins always with ourselves. Therefore, I commit myself to lead by example in three different ways:

  • Evolving Sand Hearts – Play, Create, Lead and Transform:
    I will evolve this blog, my personal blog, to a platform for spiritual leadership. I will build on the foundation that has been established over the last years. I will continue to write about my journey on transformation and self-leadership, covering various aspects of my lessons learned and experiences.
  • Driving change in B2B sales from push to pull:
    In my professional role as analyst and researcher, I dedicate my energy, experience and expertise to provide research and practical frameworks how to evolve the way of professional selling. It’s about the transformation from pushing products to creating sustainable value for customers, to enable them to solve their problems and master their challenges. Understanding and practicing connectedness, compassion and collaboration will be a key to success. That’s my contribution to the overall economic transformation from push to pull concepts towards responsible and ethical business models.
  • Spreading the word on connectedness, compassion and non-violence:
    I will spread the word based on my experience to help people to make the transition to a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle. I will do that by sharing facts and figures on the tremendous suffering of farmed animals (watch Earthlings), the huge environmental impact animal-based agriculture has on planet Earth (watch Cowspiracy) and the negative impact on people’s health when consuming animal-based products (watch Forks over Knives).
    Additionally, as I’m a passionate and creative cook, I will share ideas, recipes, and inspirations on vegan cooking.   


How are you going to make an impact for your life, your work, and for the world?
What’s on top of your agenda? How are you going to make a difference this year?

I’m looking forward to learning more about your plans – let’s collaborate!

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