As usual, I wanted to publish my year-end blog post on the last day of the year. However, as so often in 2018, things didn’t precisely work as planned, and adaptive skills were required to deal with a changed situation.

My website didn’t want me to do that on the 31st. I had severe website login issues, and IP problems and I had to accept the fact that those issues won’t be solved entirely on the 31st. And not on January 1st as well. No drama, not even a problem. Just a situation that needs to be addressed.

This situation was again a great reminder that whatever happens to us, it’s all about HOW we respond to the situations that occur in our lives. Adaptive skills are one of the keys to stay in control and ahead of things, in all areas of our lives.

On the 31st, I was sitting with a big sheet of paper and coloured pens on the floor, assisted by one of my cats (nothing works without cat approval!), and I was drawing how I experienced the last year. And I also used paper and pens to bring my intentions and manifestations for the new year that just began. Let me share some of my 2018 highlights with you and what the focus for 2019 will be.

Learning with my cats: Experiencing alternative healing concepts and leveraging animal communication and energetic clearing work

As a reader of this blog, you know that my cats, top cat Flix and Howy are always at the core of my heart. Reviewing the last year, we all learned so much, and both became more and more a winning team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Flix, 19, is still the proud top cat of the family, setting the rules and keeping all of us safe. Howy, 18, is our sunshine. No matter what, Howy is a funny boy, and he always has an opinion which he loves to articulate. They show their growing love for each other by the way they care about each other. And that’s absolutely lovely to observe.

Last summer, Howy started to feel more and more uncomfortable (animal communication told us this) and then, his blood results weren’t as they should, and my vet was very concerned. Howy was actually running into diabetes, caused by the long-term cortisone treatment which I was told he would need forever. When we got him as a rescue cat in summer 2017, he suffered from a complex disease that affected his pancreas, liver and bowel. We could reduce the amount of cortisone significantly over several months, but all attempts to get rid of it completely failed and turned into another crisis. Now at this point, I apparently needed additional support.

As often in life, you meet the right people in divine right timing. Also in this case. A friend of mine found for me in our town an excellent alternative animal therapist focused on bioresonance and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I called him and explained the situation in July, and after the first treatment with Howy, things started to change for the better.

Based on the bioresonance therapy, we could clearly see what he and his hormone system went through as we reduced his cortisone pills by only 0.5 mg every ten days. He got tailored additional support via bioresonance therapy and acupuncture, and within two months, Howy didn’t need any cortisone anymore. He was fine. And happy! The blood results a few weeks later confirmed that we succeeded and that the danger of diabetes did no longer exist. Wow! What a relief! These weeks were very challenging for Howy and us. Now, we could focus on strengthen his pancreas and his entire intestinal system, and also improving his still existing asthma. Fast forward to today, Howy is doing fine, still going to his regular appointments to be supported with bioresonance therapy and TCM.

Top cat Flix also got into a rhythm with our animal therapist. His kidneys could be improved with a tailored TCM therapy and medication. I didn’t even imagine that his health could improve so much. Additionally, together with Howy, he also got osteopathy once a month and what nobody ever believed, happened: his lopsided head (happened after his ear surgery in January 2017) became more and more straight again. And with that, his entire neck and back muscles started to relax. For Flix, this was and is absolutely life-changing, and he is deeply enjoying every single improvement we make. I couldn’t be happier for my boy. And I’m more than grateful that I can make this happen for my boys.

In parallel to the experiences with my own cats, I started to offer animal communication services that I combine with energetic clearing work. A highly effective combination. You diagnose the problem in the animal communication and can address it right away energetically. And I’m very grateful for the many animals, mostly cats but also a few dogs, I could help in all kinds of difficult situations. Not only the cats’ lives improved, but also those of their human guardians. A win-win situation!

Going forward, I will continue to learn from every single animal communication and every unique energetic work with animals and their humans to sharpen my skills, detail my offerings and provide even better-tailored solutions.

My professional life as an analyst: the book is OUT! Done. Next!

As I mentioned last year here, lots of writing time went into a business book I could co-author with my CEO. 2017 was the main writing year, and 2018 was the publishing year. The book was published in May 2018, and it is a very successful book, included on many recommended reading lists, and highly respected within the industry. It was a fantastic learning experience regarding structuring, writing, editing process, to get all the smallest details right until you can say. Yes, it’s time to approve the final manuscript to be printed. All the lessons learned from this business book will positively impact my cat book that has still to be finished.

Most people think about how proud I must be and how much I would celebrate. Those of you who know me personally, also know that this is not exactly how I operate. Yes, I was happy as I finally got the book into my hands. It was a pleasant feeling of “done.” And my thinking was primarily “finally, it’s out there for others to read and learn from it.”

And, yes, I celebrated. One evening. The next day, I turned to my usual mindset: Done. Next.

We have already mapped out the roadmap for 2019, the research projects are defined, and I’m excited to turn the data we will get into actionable frameworks and advice for our audience. And in just a few weeks, I will be travelling again to deliver customised keynotes and workshops for our customers.

Wait a minute, wasn’t there another book to be written? Yes, the cat book!

Absolutely, It’s not forgotten. Not at all. Two reasons why the cat book got off my radar screen. One is the completion and the launch of my business book. You can’t do it all, write a book, run a full-time corporate job, work in addition to animals and humans, and write a second book. Two is that the book as I wrote it so far is a Max and Flix story. However, the longer Howy lives with us, it has to become a Max, Flix and Howy story. It’s a triangle. No doubt. Howy came to us because Max said so. And Howy took on some of Max’ habits, such as using the same garden chair in precisely the same way. I have to go back and rewrite some parts and add the latest Howy and Flix chapters…Stay tuned.

Deepening my skills as an energetic healer for humans by practising and investing in myself.

What I focused on for animals is already covered a few paragraphs above. So, I started to offer soul reading and soul realignment services. In addition to the certificates I already had, I became a certified aura clearing practitioner. The Facebook site got a real website behind! And with the same intensity, I continued to invest in myself, to learn more from my teachers, and to clear more upcoming energetic blockages. And that’s the prerequisite to be able to deliver excellent energy work for others: that you are as clear as you possibly can. New situations occur all the time and new issues to be cleared might present themselves. And often, new situations allow you to clear old blockages that were just activated again. Just as this one here. And that’s good news. Whatever comes up, can be cleared.  What a gift to be able to do it.

And what’s next is already knocking at the door. The name and the logo will change very soon, the term “Peace4You” will go away. It suggests the wrong thing that I’d do everything for you. I can do a lot for you, I can provide a lot of insights with readings, and I can remove energetic roadblocks for you, but then it’s about you to make different choices. If not, nothing will change, and the old blockages will be created again. So, what I tell my clients in my analyst job so often, applies for myself: the ideal customer profile has to be clearly defined. Again. And it’s never set in stone. It has to be revisited regularly.  It’s what I did just a few days ago. So, the website will be relaunched as soon as the new name and logo are finalised.

So, that was my 2018 in a nutshell! How about yours? What did you experience? One of my best years. No doubt. However, ….

Done. Next. Welcome, 2019!

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