“Shamanic journeying is the inner art of traveling to the ‘invisible worlds’ beyond ordinary reality to retrieve information for change in any area of your life – from spirituality and health to work and relationships.”
Sandra Ingerman

Imagine you are lying on a few blankets in a comfortable position. You relax your body, waiting for the journey to begin. The Shaman explains the ritual, the topic and the question to focus on during the journey. “Move yourself to a place in nature that you love very much, where you feel safe and happy. Focus on all the elements of nature. Look inwards and ask yourself if there is one specific element you need to focus more in your life at this point? Ask the spirits for guidance and allow them to receive their feedback.” 

Then, the drumming begins, you get used to the rhythm, you start to enjoy the sound and the rhythm, you feel the essence of the drum in every cell of your body. You relax deeper and deeper. Here it is, your favorite place in nature, next to a beautiful river in the mountains, surrounded by a number of beautiful, old and wise trees, you find yourself next to the fire place, very close to the river, sitting on the ground, feeling mother Earth, looking around, inhaling and exhaling with deep consciousness, enjoying the beauty, enjoying every breath of energy, every breath of harmony, feeling every element of nature around you. You love the beauty of this nature in harmony, it’s touching your heart, your soul, every cell of your body.

Is there a specific element that needs more of your focus than the others? At this point of your life? Inhaling and exhaling for a while. Listening, feeling and enjoying the drumming with every cell of your body:

“Remember that drumming opens portals to the spirit world, draws spirit in, and opens you up to receive it.”
― Michael Drake

This time, the harmony and the beauty of the elements of nature, interacting gently and carefully with each other is the feedback from the spirits. There is this gentle playfulness between the elements of nature you are enjoying so much. This deep joy, this lovely playfulness is exactly what makes you feel a very deep connection between you and the elements of nature and between each single one of them and you as well.

A new level of inner peace, of unconditional love and gratitude is spreading out. Beauty, harmony and playfulness, that’s what the elements are radiating and that’s how they are surrounding you. It’s a new balance, a new harmony on another level – your guiding principle for now.

Deep happiness opens your heart, a beautiful smile changes your face. You are shining from the bottom of your heart to the outer world.

The drumming softens, the Shaman brings you back from your favorite place in nature to the workshop room where you are still lying.

Open your eyes, grab a pen and draw a picture of your shamanic journey. The best memory you can make for yourself.

Your journey will be different. Every journey is different, because every single situation is different and the specific context is always unique and different.

It’s not so much the specific answer you get, it’s about the ritual that deepens your spiritual journey, one step at a time. Every time.

Let’s walk in beauty
Let’s walk in gratitude
Let’s walk in harmony

There is playfulness in each single element and there is playfulness in their interactions:

  • Playfulness opens a space for gentle connections
  • Playfulness is a prerequisite for creativity
  • Playfulness is a prerequisite for innovation
  • Playfulness is a prerequisite for leadership and transformation

Play, create, lead and transform – with passion and compassion.

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