A very busy, challenging and amazing 2014 comes to an end. And 2015 is almost ready to take over.

Looking at all the 20 blog posts I have written and published this year makes me smile, and it makes me happy. Isn’t that a noticeable body of work? Many of these blog posts reflect topics I’m dealing with in different areas of my life. Sometimes, writing is a part of healing stressful or uncomfortable situations I had to go through to learn what I had to learn. Writing helps me to gain more clarity on the topics I’m dealing with and getting new ideas as I’m writing. And sometimes it’s just the pure joy of writing. What all blog posts have in common is to share what I have learned along my journey.

If my posts entertain you – perfect!
If my posts make you think – excellent!
If my posts inspire you to change something in your life – outstanding!

Sand Hearts is my personal blog with no commercial ambitions. I’m free to write about those topics I truly care about for those of you who care about these topics as well. That’s not mainstream. Of course not. I don’t provide five steps to happiness and another ten to success. No way. Life cannot be lived by checklists. Life has to be lived, enjoyed and loved. Wisdom comes with the challenges we have to master to learn what we have to learn. Wisdom comes with our experiences along our journeys, and how well we reflect those experiences for ourselves. Wisdom comes from a lot of work with ourselves, in solitude to better understand who we are, what our purpose is on this planet at this point in time and where we have to go.

My perspective is the perspective of a gatekeeper, to bridge between assumed different worlds, to connect the spiritual world, the world of ancient wisdom with the business world. That we cannot continue with “business as usual” is something everybody should have recognized by now. Using more resources from Earth than we need, producing unnecessary waste just because it’s comfortable, living a lifestyle that doesn’t allow millions of other people to participate won’t work anymore. Greed, power, violence as dominating forces are not a recipe for the future. Reasons for that? Many. One is the low level of consciousness we see all over the place. Greed and power are still dominating forces not only in politics, powered by violence against living beings. In business, luckily, we see a growing number of good examples!
Change always starts with ourselves. And this is my approach. We have to educate people regarding ethical principles, values, moral baselines and on developing a higher level of consciousness. Educating people’s hearts (not only their minds) is not a luxury; it is a necessity to survive.

That’s why I’m writing here, as a gatekeeper. That’s why Sand Hearts exists. Because it’s the right thing to do. To make a difference.

These are the topics I have covered with my posts in 2014:

  • Shamanism: Inspired by the Shamanic course I attended over New Year’s Eve in Scotland to welcome 2014, I processed what I learned during these fantastic, intense days in three blog posts. I hope; I could transfer a little bit of the magic, the completeness, the happiness and the deep connectedness to nature, I could experience there.
  • Life Principles: Whatever I experienced, whatever challenged me (there was a lot along the way…); that’s all included in these seven blog posts on responsibility, play, choice, energy, creativity, love and consciousness. Working on these posts, the idea of an e-book was born and didn’t stop penetrating my thoughts. The idea as born because all these principles tell a story, my story, and this story evolved along the journey. So, I started to create my very first eBook, with my limited technical design and layout capabilities… I carefully selected photographs for each principle and I added a few additional thoughts to connect the different chapters to each other.  In case you didn’t get your copy, click SEVEN LIFE PRINCIPLES OR A JOURNEY TO CONSCIOUSNESS – DOWNLOAD YOUR EBOOK see all the links to the related posts and download your eBook. It’s free, my way to pay it forward to the community.
  • Self—Leadership: A topic that builds on the life principles. There is one early post on self-leadership called SAY THANK YOU TO YOURSELF, and two additional posts I have written later this year: THE ART OF LETTING THINGS GO and UNDERSTANDING CONNECTEDNESS – LEAD YOURSELF AND LEAD BY EXAMPLE. The most personal post on self-leadership is my own journey on understanding connectedness, making non-violence a core principle and then the decision to go vegan. Yes, the diet is only a consequence based on a much deeper thought process: A JOURNEY OF SELF-LEADERSHIP
  • Gratitude: I wasn’t prepared to write about gratitude, until I was called out to post three things I’m grateful for every day on Facebook. As you know me, this is not the way how I play games. I have taken the challenge my way: THOUGHTS ON GRATITUDE – PART 1. Yes, correct: Part 2 has to be written.
  • Courage: This is an attitude that’s now present in all aspects of my life. But it wasn’t the case when I grew up. I was shy, and far away from being brave. Later on in my adult life, I learned that there is nothing I can lose, but a lot I can learn and win. I changed and started to do what I thought was the right thing to do. Often, it was following my heart (even if I was told not to do so – I’m glad that I did!) and following my passion, my purpose in this life. Courage is to follow your passion. Courage is to follow the unknown. Courage is to be open for the unknown and to learn along the way, wherever it takes you. Read more about courage and what I learned: COURAGE – THE WAY OF THE HEART, COURAGE – A REAL STORY, ROSES HAVE THORNS and MORE ON COURAGE – JUMPING INTO THE DEEP END.

Let me express my gratitude for following Sand Hearts, for reading and sharing my posts. A special thank you to those of you who challenged my thoughts, who asked questions and who commented to add their perspectives. I’m grateful that you did, I always learned new things. That’s how we can all learn from each other; that’s how we can all grow.

  • May you walk in beauty
  • May you walk in gratitude
  • May you walk in balance
  • May you walk with lots of creative energies and a clear focus to manifest your visions.

Welcome 2015!

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