2016-08-26-13-51-13Again, another year is about to end. The year 2016 was already judged too often for lots of external events that were perceived in a negative way. For me, 2016 was a very intensive, rich, deep, challenging, but also an amazing year with lots of opportunities to learn and to grow. And the essence of that is what I usually share here at Sand Hearts, my writer’s home. I write about lessons I have learned along my way to evolve my soul, experiences I have to make to become the best possible version of myself, and challenges I had to master to get to where I am now, at the end of 2016.

Now, what was going on for me in 2016?

The first half of the year was about going deep, very deep into my patterns and imprints caused by past experiences. We all have those imprints, stored in our physical body that come from choices we made earlier in this life or our past lives. It was about learning, recognising, and making tough decisions. Consequently. I had to experience situations that can be described as a “forced awareness” to clearly show me that I have to make changes to live in line with my soul’s purpose. In my experience, those “forced awareness” situations never come as stand-alone events. Instead, those situations are simply the end of a process you have to go through to learn what you have to learn. Finally. And then, in such a situation, you immediately know: that’s the last straw. Tough decisions were necessary to sharpen my focus on what I actually want to manifest and what’s in line with my soul’s purpose. The result of this process was a huge shift in the right direction. Into my soul’s direction. My energy has increased, and my frequency has raised.

The second half of the year was all about implementing what I have learned in the first half of the year, clearing old stuff and karmic imprints, energetically completing past relationships, saying “no” more often, and more clearly, in a personal and a business context. Saying “no” is crucial because only then I could say “yes” to the projects that really matter to me. I have focused my energy on learning amazing new things, on planting seeds and establishing the prerequisites for the focused initiatives I will create and manifest in 2017.

And all of that is, of course, an ongoing process. And all of that is mirrored in some way in the blog posts I have written and shared here at Sand Hearts. What I have written can be categorised into these four buckets.

Self-mastery and self-leadership

As you can imagine this category was the biggest one in 2016 with seven out of the sixteen blog posts, I have written in 2016. Additionally, this category is the foundation for all the others.

  • As a ritual, I started with my focus for 2016. As done in previous years, I evaluated again for myself, what the roles of knowledge, love, and truth would be for my year 2016. And my intention was to focus, as in 2015, on my truth. If you read my writing here, you will see that my intention on truth has been manifested.
  • Then the year began with forgiveness. I have written about forgiveness before, but this time I had to refine my own process on how to approach forgiveness. My experiences required a lot of forgiveness from my side. And back in January of 2016, it wasn’t an easy thing for me to do. So, I adjusted my forgiveness approach based on the idea that I want to turn every situation into love. And, very important: Forgiveness is not a one-way street, and don’t forget to forgive yourself.”
  • In February, I wanted to evolve my thinking on freedom and its limits. My core idea was and is this one: “Understanding connectedness is based on understanding compassion. And understanding compassion requires an educated heart. Only then, the real meaning of freedom and its limits can be determined.”
  • In March, I have written about hometowns and soul homes, because it bothered me for a long time that I often arrive at an airport somewhere in the world, standing in the baggage claim area and asking myself from where I just flew in. That experience caused me to get clarity on what “home” actually means to me and where it is.
  • In May, coming back from a week of becoming a breathwork practitioner, I shared my beautiful experiences I made during this week, working with my breath, during dry breathing and water breathing sessions. This experience was crucial to me, and the essence of breathing is as I shared it in this blog post: “More than air, water guides as to the connection we may miss from time to time: the connection to the universal life force that’s flowing through all living beings. Some call it the essence, others the divine, others eternity, others infinite… you name it. The name doesn’t matter. What matters, is that you can make this connection.”
  • In August, I have again written about vulnerability. This time I have shared my experiences on vulnerability and the lack of trust which is a connection I had to learn about while going through a quite painful process. I learned more about potential root causes of vulnerability. And over time, I figured out that e.g. the loss of basic trust during childhood can lead to very different forms and shapes of vulnerability. “The more you lack trust, the more vulnerable you become….the highly vulnerable appearance and the appearance that covers its vulnerability have their root cause in a lack of trust, in losing their basic trust.”
  • In September, I have written about letting things go” and why this step is only half the truth: “Knowing what you want to let go is only the first step. Knowing in which form you want to transform the energy you want to let go is the key to success.”

Animals, our friends, teachers, and masters

Animals are sentient, intelligent living beings. Living with animals, two cats in my case is a true privilege, and one of the best decisions I ever made. I can clearly say that both my cats and other animals in my life have always been great teachers for me. All animals that ever came into my life taught me something that I needed to learn. And the other way around is also true. Growing up with dogs, horses and cats, I didn’t have animals for many years, due to my business travel craziness. As soon as I manifested another working environment for myself, things could change. In January 2015, Max and Flix, two elderly cats have adopted us. Exactly, cats chose their service personnel. At the local animal shelter, Max put himself on top of my bag and asked me to do the paperwork and to make sure that his friend Flix could come with him as well. I can truly say that these two amazing cats have transformed my life. If there was any corner in my heart that needed to be opened, Max and Flix did.

  • In January, I shared my experiences with my cats Max and Flix and what I learned during the first year in their forever home. The first challenge was to find the right therapy for Max’ chronical kidney inefficiency. The second challenge was to heal Flix’ hurt soul because he came as a very fearful cat, always afraid that something or somebody could harm him. It was the first time that I came in touch with the amazing value of animal communication.
  • In June, I have written about a horse: Mr Rupert’s death and why it mattered. Mr Rupert lived at Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, led by my dear friend Fiona Oakes in Essex, UK. His tragic death reminded me of the fact that on our little planet Earth, there are no species that are more important than others. Animals deserve to live and to be treated as equally important. As he was the leader of Fiona’s gang, Mr Rupert’s death created lots of impact for all the other animals living at Tower Hill Stables. “Mr Rupert’s atomic body died. But his spirit, his energy, and his consciousness are still around to drive change.” I have set up a crowd-funding campaign and could raise a few hundred euros to help with the enormous vet bill.
  • In October, I shared Max’ story as the year 2016 was a truly challenging year for him. Sir Max had to master a second tooth restoration, and then, a few months later, a tumour had to be removed from his ear, and he had to recover from this third operation within twelve months.
  • Later in October, I have shared the second part of Max’ story what I learned so far from Max’ journey, how diseases occur and why he, being rescued, had now to deal with these diseases. I also wrote about the deep relationship we developed during this time. I ended this blog post saying that all there is to care about is his life quality. I will share more in 2017 what this sentence really means right now for us.

Spiritual leadership and transformation

This category was inspired by the spiritual leadership program I’m currently working on until March 2017. This program has forced me in many ways to go deep, to look closely at my own patterns, behaviours, and experiences, and to do whatever it takes to become the best possible version of myself. This program also inspired me to question many, many things, and so-called “beliefs.”

  • I have shared a few thoughts on religions, beliefs, science and spirituality. You will see that I’m a huge fan of making own experiences, getting rid of ALL beliefs (getting “naked” of old beliefs), and to begin a journey of self-discovery without any limits apart from those you may set for yourself.
  • Based on this one, I have defined the term “spirituality” my way. As there are so many strange perspectives out there, I have seen a real need to provide some clarity on spirituality. In a nutshell, I have defined spirituality as a discovery journey to your soul. And that has nothing to do with a belief system of any kind.
  • Then, it was a strong need for me, also triggered by my spiritual leadership program, to get clarity on the term “spiritual leadership”. I have defined this term as well, and here is the short version: “Spiritual Leadership is the capability of equipping living beings to live their soul’s purpose based on the universal principles of love, collaboration, connectedness, and the law of cause and effect.”

Current politics

Usually, politics is not a topic here at Sand Hearts. However, I have written two times about my thoughts on politics because there was a need to speak up and to add another perspective.

  • In February, I shared my thoughts on the refugee crisis because there were so many wrong perceptions out there, especially in other countries about what was going on in Germany.
  • In June, due to political events, I felt the need to write about current politics This time, I have written about the circumstances, behaviours and patterns that cause events such as Brexit and the wins of the new right-wing party AfD in some of Germany’s local parliaments.

Stay tuned, more exciting stories and insights will be shared next year. I’m looking very much forward to my future experiences I will make to continue to learn and grow along my journey.

Sand Hearts will remain my personal blog. And Sand Hearts will continue to stay away from content such as “five things to more happiness,” and another “ten steps for more success.” My focus here at Sand Hearts was, is, and will remain to go deep beyond the surface, to get real or not to play at all.

Sand Hearts is all about

  • providing inspirations and ideas,
  • sharing lessons learned and concepts
  • writing about thought-provoking perspectives, and
  • being a valuable and inspirational platform

for those who love to go deep on their journey in order to understand, learn, and grow, and for those who want to live in line with their soul’s purpose, and to manifest in line with their full potential.

Thank YOU for being here, for following, sharing, and commenting, and for challenging my thinking! Namasté.

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