Let me tell you a story – why Sand Hearts’ launch today is a journey from Germany to Scotland, then to Australia and back to Germany!

I was in Scotland in July, spending one week just for myself, for my soul, together with a tribe of like-minded people. Part of that week was a so-called „four square process“, which means working in a group of four: You are working in a circle with four people in four rounds. In every round, one person has the role of the student and the other three persons are gurus. The process is repeated until you were in the role of a student for one time and in the role of a guru for three times. It starts with the student sharing their current challenges, what keeps him/her back from achieving their desired goals. The gurus are listening, playing back what they understood, asking questions to really understand the student’s challenges in a holistic way. Then, the gurus are discussing the situation to come up with ideas, so-called „Sādhanās“ (literally a Sādhanā is “a means of accomplishing something”, is an ego-transcending spiritual practice).
Of course, the student has to agree on the Sādhanās, they have to be „doable“. Sharing some of my challenges, my gurus declared without a dissentient vote that I had to play. They didn’t say that I had to play more or something like that – they said: You have to play!
They didn’t know HOW right they actually were…

We agreed on this: Building sand castles next time at the beach plus continuing my creativity with writing. I should write blog posts regarding playing, creativity and transformation – topics that shouldn’t be related to my profession at all!

I was in Melbourne a few weeks later, for business. After a very successful conference, I was on my way to the beach at St. Kilda to build sand castles. That’s what I had in my mind. Of course, Melbourne in August is winter time. Beach shops were closed or not selling tools and toys to build sand castles. Of course not! Crazy idea 😉
So, I found myself sitting on the beach, with an amazing ocean in front of me:
I thought of my Sādhanā, I enjoyed so many things: the sun, a few dogs playing on the beach and every single moment I had for myself. I reviewed the week in Scotland, my journey so far and my Sādhanās. I was so grateful to be there, I said thank you to myself. Inhaling love, exhaling gratitude. Love, the infinite power of my heart, the key to happiness. What a gift. Everything I was always looking for, was already in my heart. It only needed to be discovered.

Then, I started to play with the sand, figuring out what I could do now – just playing 😉
Sand hearts! Sand hearts instead of sand castles! Now, that was the key to my Sādhanā!

I started to create sand hearts, one after the other. Amazing art! What a joy! I was feeling like being in a flow. Enjoying myself … Brilliant!

Check it out! I had to prove that I delivered my Sādhanā! My gurus were very happy and proud of me, they could feel the joy and the love I was experiencing building my sand hearts.


So, the first Sādhanā was completed – now, let’s focus on the next one: Writing a blog post.
Here it is – the first story is already done! Not only that I have written a single story, I also decided to create this blog – the Melbourne sand hearts were the birth hour for my new blog „Sand Hearts“.

What is Sand Hearts all about?

Sand Hearts will have one major topic, connected to people who share a number of core principle and values:

Sand Hearts’ major topic is the big shift, the current transformation we are all experiencing in different dimensions, in the business world, in our private lives, on planet Earth and within the universe.
The big shift is a massive transformation, from the industrial age to the information age, from the information age to the conceptual age. I believe in a few principles along this journey, principles such as responsibility, sustainability, outcomes instead of outputs („thick value“ instead of „thin value“ as Umair Haque would say), stakeholder value instead of shareholder value, collaboration instead of competitiveness and a general core belief – compassion.
All that will require a fundamental overhaul and a massive transformation in all areas: institutions, corporations, politics, economy, environment, how we learn, how we work, how we manage and how way we lead, etc.

Challenges are also opportunities. I believe that the big shift is a big opportunity for people with a number of special skills and values, for people

…who are always challenging the current state and are questioning everything,
…who want to understand the big picture, the whole system
…who use their bravery, their insights and their courage to make a difference, to create value
…who are motivated by their own inner power and passion rather than by external incentives,
…who believe that we are rather spiritual beings with a human experience than the other way around,
…who follow their hearts rather than their minds,
…who are indispensable and drive transformation, because they lead based on visions and value, courage and bravery, innovation and creativity, passion and compassion
…who want to work based on autonomy, mastery, and purpose
…who have a very special heart’s desire that’s called „receiving by giving“,
…who want to be of service to the world, who dream of having a big impact on the world.

And that’s exactly WHAT Sand Hearts will address!

Sand Hearts will offer a platform for these people in order to share, challenge and discuss all our crazy, innovative, creative thoughts and ideas. Let’s use our wisdom, knowledge, our experiences and creativity to make a difference, to add value for people, to drive this transformation, not to be driven by this transformation

Enjoy, share your thoughts, challenge my thoughts and share your stories!

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