There are times in life, when you have to make tough decisions and big changes to live your vision, to do what you really want to do.

Big changes are never easy. Everything that’s worthwhile doing, is not easy to do. Big changes need time to figure out what it really is you want to achieve in your life. That requires time for yourself, time to be alone, to be in silence and to be in nature.

There is no linear process to get to these answers. It always happens in iterations. The answers you will get will also change over time, depending on your current situation and your current state of mind.

Living your vision may need many different steps and loops to get there. Along your journey, you will figure out that all these different steps are an opportunity to learn, to unlearn and to relearn. Even if life puts you in pretty dark places, from time to time. These are gifts, too. For different reasons. Maybe you needed these experiences to make your next step or to get more clarity about yourself or to step away from keeping things calm and safe. Often these experiences pushed you directly in the right direction.

Once you made a big step, a big change, it will always impact your entire life – regardless if the change was primarily made in your professional life or primarily in your private life. Be aware, that there are no isolated lives and therefore no isolated changes. Whatever you change in one area, it will impact all other areas of your life. But the degrees of impact will be different, of course. We are as human beings complex systems and we are living in a complex world. That means that everything is connected to everything. We have to accept this uncertainty and to get familiar with it. Trust yourself, your capabilities, your inner voice and your journey. Everything else is not under your control.

Whatever your specific change is, it will always be a lot of work. Once the decision is made, focus all your energy on that change. Ideally, you will experience an energy flow that helps you to achieve the first big milestones. If you feel this kind of flow, you know that you made the right decision at this point in time. Focus on immersing yourself into the situation you changed. Be a linchpin, be creative, be innovative, be passionate and challenge the current state. Always. Come up with better ideas and even smarter new approaches. Think differently. Act differently. Lead differently. Don’t re-create. Create new. Take it to the next level. Never forget to ask the question “why”. Always question what you see, learn and experience. It will take all your energy in the beginning and that’s exactly what it needs to make a difference, a significant difference.

Being very focused on the first big milestones and achievements is key to success. It’s important for your own state of mind and for your inner happiness. Take time for yourself, observe yourself and listen to yourself. If you don’t do that, life will eventually force you to take this time. For example, you will miss your flight for whatever reason and you will be forced to stay one more day wherever you currently are. Don’t be angry. Be grateful. Recognize the bigger picture and the gift in this situation. Be grateful for the gift and take your time – to say THANK you to yourself for the decisions and the changes you made and the first milestones you achieved.

Whatever your specific change was, there are always different things that could be improved, that could be better and be even more perfect – if you look backwards. But we cannot live our lives backwards, only forwards.
Don’t let these thoughts win. Not today, that’s for tomorrow.

Today, say thank you to yourself, be grateful that you made decisions and started a change. Be grateful for your courage, your boldness, your passion, your compassion, your focus and the first successful steps along your journey.

Say thank you to yourself.
Celebrate yourself. You are worth it.


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