My recent seven posts covered seven different life principles – responsibility, play, choice, energy, creativity, love and consciousness. These life principles are all connected to each other, and they are a beautiful journey to consciousness.

This is why I decided to create an eBook to invite you to enjoy this spiritual journey – from Scotland to California, to Scotland, to Italy and back to Scotland. Correct – Scotland dominates the journey – it’s my spiritual home.

Ready to begin the journey? Download your copy here. That’s what “Life Principles” covers – in a nutshell:

Being responsible for what we do – for our behaviors, decisions, actions and reactions, is an essential part of self-leadership. Understanding what responsibility means that’s where our journey begins…

Our point of departure is in Oban, Scotland.

Based on responsibility, we recognize that our life is a journey with unlimited potential to grow. It depends on our ability to understand that winning and losing is always an opportunity to learn.
Enjoy the nature, the power and the beauty of water – Isle of Staffa, Scotland.

Understanding that we always have a choice, understanding that our life is the result of the choices we make and that choices have consequences – that’s the third stage along our journey to consciousness. Enjoy a peaceful place, I love very much – Halfmoon Bay, California

How to get into your own energy and how to focus your energy to create movement – that’s the fourth stage along our journey.
Enjoy a beautiful, peaceful but energetic moment with seagulls in motion – Callander, Scotland.

We are all born creative. Creativity is a human nature. Let’s see how to unleash your creative potential.
Enjoy the beauty of this lovely hydrangea, which lives in one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen – Arduaine, Scotland

Let’s get rid of all the misconceptions about love. Let’s understand that love is an intrinsic quality, speaking from the irrational wisdom of the heart. Let’s discover that love is a state of being…
Enjoy these beautiful corn poppies – Il Cerreto, Italy.

What can come after love? Consciousness…Developing your own consciousness is probably the biggest gift you can make to the world.
Enjoy a peaceful and spiritual place, this is where my soul is at home – Lendrick Lodge, Scotland.

Download your copy here, enjoy the journey – and let me know your thoughts!


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