It’s early in the morning. The gentle darkness surrounding you is awaiting father sun.

I love this very special time, the time between night and day, between darkness and light, between silence and thoughts. The time between silence and thoughts, shapes, sounds and words.

Observe your thoughts this morning. Thoughts are the act or process of thinking. Thoughts can be an idea, a plan, an opinion or a picture that is formed in your mind, something you are thinking of. Or thoughts are about somebody you are thinking of. Look at these thoughts, accept them as yours, but let them come and go. Don’t judge your thoughts. In no way. If any kind of negativity comes up in your thoughts, let those go first, and invite positive thoughts.

Thought has shape. Shape is known as the form or outline of an object, the condition of something or someone. Look at the shape of your thoughts. How does it look like, and how does it feel – the shape, the outline, the form of your thoughts?

Listen. Shape has sound. Sound is a sensation perceived by the sense of hearing, it’s a particular auditory impression. Sound is transmitted in a material medium such as air or water.
How is the sound this morning, your sound, mother nature’s sound?

Enjoy the sound of the harp. Enjoy the sound of your own toning. This morning’s unique sound.

Now father sun is on its way, it’s getting brighter and brighter. Look at the trees, connect with the nature surrounding you. Connect the dots between thoughts, shapes and sounds. Connect the dots between your world and the nature surrounding you. Make it one world. In nature, there is nothing that’s not connected with each other.

Listen to nature’s sound, listen carefully and be fully present. No need to answer. Just listen with every cell of your body.

Sound has a word. What’s the word that’s crossing your mind first? What are all the words crossing your mind? Word is more than sound. Word is a sound or a combination of sounds that has a meaning. Word is something that is said, spoken or written. Word is a brief remark or a series of speech sounds that symbolizes and communicates a meaning.

To understand the meaning, we need more than just a word, we need to understand our thoughts, their shape and sound in a specific situation. Then, we connect a word or a number of words to them. Now, we have meaning. Now we have context. Our specific context.

Word has power. Power is the ability or the right to control things or people. Let’s use this ability to control ourselves, to control our own thoughts, their shapes, sounds and connected words.
That creates power. Power, we need to make a difference, to make the world a better place.

If there is any kind of negativity – stop and invite positivity in your life.

Change your thoughts, change their shape and their sound. Choose positive words. The only way to change a negative situation is to invite positivity, to change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts, to change their shapes and their sounds and to connect positive words.

Words have power. Words have a tremendous power. Positive words have even more power to change for the better.

Welcome a new day!
Make it a great day and make a difference.
Make a huge difference.
Follow your journey, fulfill your purpose on Earth.

The day is yours!

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