IMG_3103Do you know this feeling? Imagine you arrive at an airport, let’s say in London, Paris, Madrid, San Francisco, or New York. You leave the aircraft, and you walk to the baggage reclaim area. And then you ask yourself “where do I come from?” just to find the right carousel four your flight’s baggage delivery. This often happens to me, regardless whether I fly from my home airport Frankfurt to somewhere else, or when I arrive in Frankfurt, or when I have a multiple stop trip with various departures and destinations.

Sometimes, it doesn’t happen at all. And then, I have this feeling again. I’m standing in front of all the arrival information to find my flight’s baggage carousel number, and I ask myself “where do I come from?” The confusion only lasts for a few moments. Then I can, of course, answer the question where I came from on that day, and I go to the right carousel, take my luggage and walk away.

It feels strange because it’s only at airports. I never have this feeling when I wake up in a hotel room, wherever in the world. But something seems to keep me disconnected – just for a moment – from my point of departure when I’m flying until things fall into place again.

It’s also interesting that I always know where I’m going, what my destination is. I never ask myself “where did I arrive?” And there are some places, I just feel at home, when I arrive. These destinations make me very emotional when I arrive, it just feels right, it feels comfortable, it feels home. Soul homes I’d call these very few places I ever had this feeling.

Now, as you can imagine, I’m asking myself where this pattern comes from, what the root causes are for this symptom. And as so often in our lives, we only have to go straight back to our childhood.

Do you have a real “hometown”?

For some people, it’s very natural to say “YXZ is my hometown.” What they call their hometown, is a place they feel at home, they feel arrived, protected, happy and safe. Many people call the city they were born their hometown, and it feels right for them. Others call another place they decided to live their hometown.

I never had this feeling when it comes to the city I was born. I never called this city “my hometown.” I never felt “at home” there. I was just born there. No wonder that I always wanted to walk away; which is what I did later during my life. When I got back in this area for only a few years in my early thirties, I literally couldn’t breathe after a while. An unyielding signal to move on; which is what I did.

Whenever I go there today, visiting my Mother or a few old friends, I have still the same feeling that this isn’t my “hometown.” Nothing has changed regarding my soul’s perception at this place over decades.

I’m gifted with soul homes

2015-08-28 08.01.30On the other hand, I have a very few soul homes. One, for instance, is in Scotland where my soul felt at home the very first time I have ever been there. Whenever I arrive at this place, everything in me feels “at home.” The radiant energy at this place that connects to something deeper within me seems to be the trigger that makes this place my soul’s home. Maybe this place connects me to my soul’s previous lives. Who knows?

In my situation, my soul homes and the place where I was born into this life are different places.

It seems that especially when I’m traveling very fast (and that’s what flying is!), that my soul needs more time to adjust where I came from this time (from which home or from no home) to where I’m going to. It seems that my soul has more challenges to connect backwards than to log in to the destination.

An interesting feeling, once you discovered for yourself where the root causes may come from. In my experience, it’s always worth to look deeper, it’s always worth the time to better understand why we act and react as we do.

Observing and knowing something is the foundation, and deeply understanding the matter is a crucial prerequisite to growing. Only then, you can adjust your future behaviours. And that’s applied wisdom.  

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